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First Login:
After your first login you should go to "My preferences" (on top of the page).

  • You can change the language for the displayed buttons and menus. But if English is understandable it's easier to get help. (It is possible to change the language as often as necessary.)
    * You will find some possibilities to fill in additional information.

    To do own editions in an existing page, you click on "edit" either on to of the page, if you want to changes all over the page, or on side of a section, if you want to change just this section. The page or section will be opened in a window where you can write and do formatting nearly as in a normal Word-document. Personal statements should be signed. You find a special button "insert signature" to do so. Use the "Sandbox" to try - see below!

After you finished editing (or in-between) you should always use "Show preview" (On the bottom of the page) to control, what you have done. If you find mistakes, you can go on with your editing.

When you are finished, don't forget to "Save page"! Before saving it is helpful to put a catchword of what you have done in the "Summary". This helps to remember, what was at what time changed. Sometimes you have to press "Save" twice. The edit form must disappear!

Creating a new page:
All pages should be linked so it is possible to find them. Thus the easiest way to create a new page is go to the place where the link should be: For instance at the "Main page" under "Contents". To create a new page "History of the nyckelharpa", you can edit "Contents" write "History of the Nyckelharpa", mark this, use the button "insert link" (with a chain on it) and write as link "History of the Nyckelharpa". After saving, this link will be red (instead of blue for existing links). Now clicking on this red link opens immediately the page for editing the new "History of the Nyckelharpa".

Upload pictures and files:
You can upload files (pictures, mp3 etc.). Click on "Upload file" in the left menu. Give the files a informative name (with no special or space characters! Instead of space please use _ "underline"). <span id="fck_dom_range_temp_1256916334775_620" />

Upload help

Insert files and pictures in the text:
You find a special button ("insert picture or file")

There is a special page "Sandbox". This is to feel free to try out everything. Change, re-change, insert, delete, do whatever you like.

You can ask me for help:
And we will find time for instructions during our meetings.

Happy editing! May this platform help us to collect all information on our project.



This e-mail is for the project:
CADENCE – Cultural Adult Education and Nyckelharpa Cooperation in Europe – Teaching music to adults with special emphasis on the nyckelharpa (key fiddle)

If you got it by mistake, please write to
Thank you.

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